T20 World Cup 2021 Teams List

T20 World Cup 2022 Teams List & Qualifications – (T20 WC Squad Update List)

Here we will discuss about the T20 World Cup 2022 Teams List and the qualification of teams report. After reading this you will get all the information about the teams for the T20 World Cup 2022 and also the team members details.

According to ICC, a complete schedule for the T20 World Cup has been announced which includes the timetable of all matches, all the venues for the matches and the team squads.

We all know that the T20 World Cup is the most hype creating and the biggest tournament in which all the popular and legendary teams will take part from around the globe. All the cricket fans are ready to cheer their favourite team to keep their morale up.

Before, in 2020, this event was expected to be played in Australia. But Australia was suffering from the Covid 19 and the event was shifted to India. But in no time, the situation of the pandemic of Covid 19 became the worst in India and now it is totally uncontrollable.

So the ICC and BCCI in collaboration decided to shift the venues to Oman and UAE instead of India.

While the excitement of cricket fans and their thrill is still alive even the venue has been changed for the second time. Die-hard fans of cricket will enjoy this tournament at any cost.

T20 World Cup 2022 Teams List

The most awaited tournament of the year is approaching us in a few months. We will see a total of 16 teams to play against each other in a total of 45 matches. The event will be more exciting when the cricket fans will see their favourite player in form.

Teams for the World Cup are selected with some best players that can give their best and have the potential to do something great. Almost every team has already given most of the player’s names.

T20 World Cup 2021 Teams List
Credit: icc-cricket.com

Final teams are still not known but most of the top players’ names are in the list that will surely play this World Cup with no expectancy.

Not only those people would enjoy who will go to the stadium to watch live. Viewers can watch the live streaming of the matches on many websites and even on the channels on Youtube.

All the websites are officially given by the ICC to watch the stream of matches live anywhere in the world.

Many cricket websites are already well known in every country which is maybe enough. Or you can have a look at the list on the official site of ICC.

The main and the second round of the upcoming event will commence from the 24th of October with a match between Pakistan and Australia. Even the first match is very hype creating. After the 29 matches of the second round, the final match will be on 14th of November.

Below is the T20 World Cup 2022  Teams List. These teams are ready to show their best in the upcoming matches.


Pakistan has managed to directly qualify for the 2nd round of the T20 World Cup. Team Pakistan has great dedication and passion towards the game and we have witnessed this passion in the past T20 matches.


Australia with no doubt a top-ranked team which is also an iconic team ever. Aus ralia is ready to show their best skills for this tournament. And their audience is also very hyped.


India is also the strongest one and have qualified for the second round directly. Team India is ready to show their potential in the matches of this tournament. India was the host but now the tournament is shifted to the UAE and Oman.

New Zealand

We know that New Zealand is one of the top-rated teams. This team has also managed to qualify for the second round directly.


Ireland is also ready to show their skills and will give the best competition to others this time.


The Netherlands squad is being selected for this T20 World Cup. And now the team is ready to give tough competition to others.

Sri Lanka

Team Sri Lanka will play the first round in order to reach the 2nd round of the tournament.


Heart beating performance of England led him directly to the Super 12s. And the team is ready to take the title. Critics are with England and they are saying that the team would be a winner of the T20 World Cup this year.

South Africa

Team South Africa is also among the top 8 ranked teams and have directly qualified for the second phase of the tournament. Team is fully prepared to give the tough competition to their competitors.


The Afghanistan cricket team contains some of the best players. These players led their team to directly qualify for the T20 World Cup’s 2nd phase. People are waiting to see their performance.

West Indies

West Indies is the titleholder of the T20 World Cup 2018 and still, the team will try to defend their title this year. The team is strong enough and contains some of the best batsmen and bowlers.

Papua New Guinea

It is the first time that Papua New Guinea has been able to qualify for this biggest tournament. This is an achievement for this team as they worked hard for this.


Team Bangladesh will play the first roud in order to reach the 2nd round of the tournament. Let’s see that this team can make its position in the 2nd round.


This time Namibia is also selected to play in the T20 World Cup 2022. We will have to wait to see the performance of this team.


The Scotland team is also able to play in this tournament. This team had already played many tournaments with some great courage. This time would be of great importance for them.


Oman is also the host for the first round of the tournament. And team Oman is also ready to play in their home ground to gain glory for their nation.

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