T20 World Cup Tickets Booking

ICC T20 World Cup Tickets Booking Online with Latest Price Details

ICC T20 World Cup Tickets Booking is now available as the schedule for the ICC T20 World Cup has been published.

ICC knows that the event will attract die-hard fans of cricket towards itself. It is obvious that millions of cricket fans around the world watch the T20 World Cup and love it.

All the fans want to experience every inch of the tournament by watching it live in the stadium or on their TV screens.

There will be 16 teams around the globe to attend the event and fight with each other in some of the greatest matches of all time.

Fans are also ready to support their favourite teams and ready to cheer for them. This is the reason that every cricket fan wants to go to the stadium and to watch the matches live to experience the best quality.

And also live matches are worth watching as it keeps the person updated at every moment of the match.

ICC T20 World Cup Tickets Booking and Prices

ICC T20 World Cup Tickets Booking and Prices

As we know the matches are going to happen in India and ICC T20 World Cup Tickets Booking has also started so far. But India now has the same situation as Australia and becomes the most effective country from the pandemic of Covid 19.

People were planning to directly go to the stadiums to watch the matches live but there is a change in schedule as for now. Still the final match is going to be held in Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Cricket fans know that it is a great pleasure to see their favourite player just in front of you. Sometimes they also get a chance to talk to them and to take a selfie or photo with them if the player’s show some humbleness.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the ICC official website for now. Some other websites are also involved in selling tickets.

Price for the tickets will depend on the matching category and also there are different rates for children and adults. So the fans of cricket must be prepared for that.

Children’s Ticket = Begins


Adult’s Ticket = Begins

From $20

Final Match Ticket = Begins

From $400 (Both Adult and


There will be around 45 matches during this T20 World Cup and tickets for all of the matches are still available at the different prices. Prices go up and up with the lower seats and also with time there will be an increase in the price as of the low amount of tickets.

Many people around the world are interested in buying the ticket and many of them have already bought them.

Super 12s and Men’s First Round, tickets of both stages are available at low prices like $5 for kids and $20 for adults. This is the beginning price of the tickets and can be vary.

Also there are some websites which are offering tickets of any type along with the travel packages and all the other hospitalities.

Steps To Register For Ticket

  1. Fill out the online registration form for the lottery available at different websites.
  2. Then the second step is to select the match of which ticket you want.
  3. Then you just have to wait for the draw time to come. Lucky draw winners will be able to buy the tickets for the matches.
  4. Make sure the payment is done and the receipt is safe.
  5. Once the payment is done, you will soon receive your ticket in your mailbox.

How To Buy Tickets

According to BCCI, the venues for the ICC T20 World Cup have now been shifted to Oman and UAE. While India will be the host of all the tournaments. It is the first time that India is hosting the T20 World Cup. There is also a chance of watching matches only on as per Covid 19 situation. If the situation of Covid 19 improves then the BCCI will allow the people to watch it live in the stadium. But still, all the SOPs will be applied as per issued by the government.

For now, tickets for the T20 are still not confirmed but there is a chance that the situation will get well soon. Lucky draw winners will be able to buy upto two tickets per match and six tickets of the matches which will not happen in India.

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