T20 Record Most Sixes in T20 International World Cricket Cup

We provide a list of the players who had a record of most sixes in the history of T20 Cricket events. Here you will get the all updates according to T20 International matches and the other records of players, team and much more on our site.

Most Sixes In T20 Cricket

Martin Guptill:

He is the best batsmen of the T20 international cricket events. The squad of the new zealand team has this amazing batsman. Martin Guptill has made the record of most sixes in the T20 World Cup cricket events. He scored 147 sixes on 2148 balls. He starts his career from 2009 to 2021. He is in the top player’s list of the sixed scored in T20 International cricket.

Martin Guptill

Rohit Sharma:

He is one of the best player and he scored total 133 sixes in the history of T20 career. He made this record on total 2061 balls. He is from Indian squad. His career span in T20 from 2007 to 2021. He is at the top in list of best sixes players.

Rohit Sharma

Eoin Morgan:

He is from the squad of England cricket team. He is the best player of T20 WC cricket history. He had made the best record of most sixes in T20 cricket events. He scored total sixes are 113 by facing total 1669 balls. Eoin Morgan’s career starting from 2009 to 2021 in which he made his best records and he shows his best performance for his team.

Martin Guptill

Colin Munro:

He is in the list of best batsmen from the squad of New Zealand team. Colin Munro has made a record of most sixes in T20 WC Internation cricket event. He scored total 107 sixes on 1102 balls. He starts his best performance from 2012 to 2020. He always tries to show his best performance with thier team players. He is a good batemen for his teams and country.

Colin Munro

Chris Gayle:

He is from West India batsmen. Chris Gayle is very famous for his batting and he makes an record of sixes in all his matches. He has scored 106 sixes by facing the 1156 balls. His career starts from 2006 to 2021. He is in the best players list. He has at the top to make most sixes scored in T20 WC international cricket.

Chris Gayle

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